The Women of Vision Express Network (WOVEN) was chartered as a local Express Network on December 9, 2003. The Humble Artesian Chapter of ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) is our sponsoring chapter.

If you are a non-member and interested in becoming a member, send inquiries to: Jeannette Brown

As a WOVEN member, you’ll find we offer many benefits to our members. Here are just a few:

Woven hosts many events throughout the year, including a monthly luncheon meeting, quarterly socials (co-hosted with the Humble Artesian ABWA), and on our Facebook Page. Members have the right to distribute flyers and materials at our monthly meetings.

WOVEN members have the opportunity to bring door prizes as give-a-way’s at our monthly meetings. These door prizes can represent their company and often serve as a marketing and promotional tool. WOVEN uses the door prizes for recognition of the member and as a way to fund various membership activities and charitable donations.

WOVEN members may offer other WOVEN members discounts to their products and/or services. This discount incentive provides an opportunity to do business with one another using a special pricing structured just for WOVEN members.


At each meeting, we provide one of our new members the opportunity to display items from their business and are given a special time slot to introduce themselves and their business to everyone at the meeting.

Our annual dues are $60.00 per year and are renewed in August each year. These dues are pro-rated the first year. 

To be a member of WOVEN you must also be a National Express Network member of ABWA. To join, visit the ABWA website or call at 1-800-228-0007. The national dues for membership are $115.00 a year and are payable annually on your join date. National dues are paid directly to national and are billed directly from the national office. National dues are paid by check or credit card.

Visit ABWA National here!